• How do I register for the Million Dollar Fish Competition?

    Entry into the Competition will be available via the MDF website between 1 July 2017 and 28 February 2018 inclusive.

  • Who can enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition?

    Entry into the competition is open to any person who meets the requirements of the Terms and ConditionsEntrants must be aged 18 years of older to be eligible to participate in the Competition.

  • I’m not from Australia, can I still enter the competition?

    Yes, international entrants are eligible to enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition, however our prize pool draw is open to Australian residents only.

  • How much cash is up for grabs?

    A total of $2M prize tags, sponsored by CrownBet is available to win.
    1 x CrownBet Fish Tag with a prize of AUD$1,000,000 cash; and
    100 x CrownBet Fish Tags with a prize of AUD$10,000 cash each.

  • Does it cost to enter the Million Dollar Fish Competition?

    Entry into the competition is free. Entrants must bear their own costs to participate in the competition.

  • When does the competition period begin?

    The Competition will commence from midnight 1 October 2017 and conclude at 11:59pm on 28 February 2018.

  • Where have the winning fish been tagged and released?

    101 prize barramundi will have been tagged and released at multiple locations across the Top End of the Northern Territory, as far north as Willigi, as far east as Nhulunbuy, as far south as Borroloola, Victoria River and as far west as Dundee Beach and Bathurst Island. It’s up to you to stay, play and fish to find them.

  • What types of fish and how many have been released with a CrownBet Tag?

    Only Barramundi have been tagged and released, and there are 101 fish that will have a CrownBet Season 3 Tag.

  • How do I catch a CrownBet Tagged Barramundi?

    Line fishing is the only accepted fishing technique that may be used by Entrants to catch a barramundi with a CrownBet Fish Tag.

  • What do I do if I catch a CrownBet Tagged Barramundi?

    Entrants must have completed a valid registration at the via the MDF website and comply with the Terms and Conditions before presenting any Claim for a CrownBet Tagged Fish Cash Prize.

  • The Prize Claim Verification process is as follows:


    • The Entrant must not remove the CrownBet Fish Tag until all photographs are taken and the photographs have been verified as readable by InfoFish. If the CrownBet Fish Tag is covered in algae, please remove the algae from the CrownBet Fish Tag before proceeding with photographs.
    • The Entrant must take a photograph of the fish and CrownBet Fish Tag in a manner compliant with sample photographs. These can be accessed on the MDF website. There are three key photographs required. The Entrant must not clean, gut or scale the fish prior to taking the photographs and must leave the CrownBet Fish Tag in place when taking the photographs.(1) One photograph must clearly display the front of the fish.(2) One photograph must be taken of the fish on a fish mat, or alongside a ruler or alongside a tape measure to clearly display the length of the fish and be laid out in a manner to display the fish tag.(3) One close-up photo of the CrownBet Fish Tag to verify the tag
      number is also required.
    • The Entrant must telephone 1800 077 001 and quote the unique code on the CrownBet Fish Tag to register the Claim and to verify the Cash Prize Value (if any).

    The Entrant must send or upload the photographs of the fish to Bill Email for verification by InfoFish.

    • If verification of the fish is granted, the Entrant may remove the fish tag and dispose of the fish. The Entrant must then retain the tag for final verification.
    • The Entrant is responsible for delivery of the CrownBet Fish Tag for final verification to Tourism NT’s Darwin based office: Level 8. Charles Darwin Centre, 19 Smith Street the Mall Darwin NT 0801 Phone: (08) 8999 3900 The Entrant can contact TNT via the MDF website to assist with their Claim.
    • TNT representatives will then undertake verification using a custom RFID.

    The full Competition Rule and Prize Claim Verification process are detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Can you publish the winning tag numbers prior to the competition?

    No, there is too much risk of forgery and the loss of excitement that occurs when a tagged fish is caught.  All parties have gone to extreme lengths to protect the integrity of this competition and we are confident that the 18 fish caught in previous seasons show this is the case.

  • How do you win the other prizes and when will they be drawn?

    Just by registering you will have a chance to win! Prizes will be drawn throughout the season – for exact draw dates, visit our terms and conditions.

  • So you could register for the competition and win one of these prizes like the $30,000 caravan without even setting foot in the Territory?

    You could, yes. But we hope whoever wins the caravan brings it up to the Northern Territory for an epic drive holiday they’ll never forget!

  • How do I photograph my CrownBet Tagged fish?


    Step 1: Lay your fish on or alongside a ruler/fish measure/tape measure.

    Step 2: Take a photograph of your fish with the ruler/measure visible to record the length of the fish. Make sure the fish tag is visible.

    Photo of a fish on a ruler. Make sure you use a ruler or fish measure or tape measure that shows the length of your fish. The picture also shows a fish tag on the rear of the fish. The Million Dollar Fish tags will be red in colour and contain the words "Million Dollar Fish Competition" and a tag number. Do not remove the tag until the photos of your fish are verified by calling 1800 077 001.
  • Step 3: Take a photograph of the front of your fish. Make sure the fish tag is visible.

    Photo of a fish tag attached to a barramundi. The Million Dollar Fish tags will be red in colour and contain the words "Million Dollar Fish Competition" and a tag number. Do not remove the tag until the photos of your fish are verified by calling 1800 077 001. Make sure you get a photo similar to this example where we can see the front of the fish and the fish tag is also visible.
  • Step 4: Email your photos to Bill Email and call 1800 077 001 to advise your name & telephone number and quote your fish tag ID.

    Step 5: When your fish is verified you may remove the fish tag and release or keep your fish.

    Step 6: Arrange for your fish tag to be validated with an RFID reader by delivering/posting this to:

    Tourism NT
    Level 8. Charles Darwin Centre, 19 Smith Street the Mall Darwin NT 0801 Phone: (08) 8999 3900.

    Tourism NT and CrownBet will also call you as soon as possible once you have emailed your fish photos.

    You can contact Tourism NT on (08) 8999 3900 during business hours to advise your fish tag is being delivered.

    You can contact via email CrownBet or by calling 03 9257-3612 during business hours.

    CrownBet will pay prizes as quickly as possible. We look forward to celebrating your catch!

    Full Competition Rules and Prize Claim Verification details can be found at the MDF Terms and Conditions.

  • How do I safely remove the CrownBet Tag from the Barramundi?

    Tags are likely to be covered in algae, the process to remove the CrownBet Tag is as follows:

    1. Remove algae. This can be done by scraping a fingernail along the Tag.

    2. Once checked that it is a CrownBet Tag, it can then be removed from the Barramundi by a firm tug on the Tag. In some cases, a little more effort may be required to remove the tag.

  • What if I catch a CrownBet Tagged barramundi outside the competition dates?

    Only Barramundi caught during the competition period from midnight 1 October 2017 and conclude at 11:59pm on 28 February 2018 are eligible. Any previous Million Dollar Fish Tags are not eligible.

  • How do I release a fish to ensure it has the best chance of survival?

    When releasing fish please observe the following best practice methods:

      • Minimise handling time out of the water (leave the fish in the water in the landing net until you are ready for a photo).
      • When holding a fish support its weight horizontally with both hands (don’t hold a fish vertically by its mouth or gills)
      • Don’t lay a fish on a hot surface or allow it to thrash around on a boat’s deck.
      • If possible release fish into cover along the bank or in snags to provide protection while they recover.

    More tips for catching and releasing fish:

      • Minimise capture time; use only tackle that is appropriate for the size and species of fish being targeted.
      • Use fish-friendly knotless landing nets to minimise injuries such as skin abrasions, fin damage and protective slime loss.
      • When bait fishing, use large non-offset circle hooks (minimum 5/0) to reduce the capture of smaller fish and deeply hooked fish
      • When a fish is deeply hooked cut the line close to the mouth and leave the hook in place.
      • The use of barbless hooks helps when releasing fish and reduces the damage caused.

    Watch a video on catch and release and access more information on the
     NT Fisheries website.

  • How many barramundi am I allowed to be in possession of?

    Five. In the Mary and Daly River Fish Management zones there is a 3 per person possession limit.

  • How long does a barramundi have to be to be legal?

    55cm minimum overall length. In the Mary and Daly River Fish Management zones there is a maximum size of 90cm and a vessel limit of 1 fish over 90cm.

  • Are there any areas where I'm not allowed to catch barramundi?

    There is a seasonal closure on the Daly river between 1 October and 31 January from Moon Billabong outlet to the Mouth of the Daly River.

    You must not fish or have in your possession a barramundi or a fishing line to which a hook, lure or bait is attached in that area.

    A quarantine order is in place for a section of Darwin River between Cox Peninsula Road and Leonino Road until 11 October 2021.

    The quarantine order prohibits the movement of people and any object, including boats, vehicles and fishing equipment, into or out of the identified section of the river and within the five metres of land adjacent to the water’s edge.

    For more information visit: NT Cabomba.

  • If I find a tag am I guaranteed to win?

    No. NT Fisheries also tag fish to determine the harvest of barramundi each year.

    NT Fisheries tags are yellow or green in colour and will be placed just under the dorsal spines near the shoulder of the barramundi.

    Each tag will have an individual tag number on it and a phone number to call. If you catch a tagged barramundi please record the tag number, location and date it was caught, the total length of the fish and whether it was kept or released.

    If you catch tagged fish, please report it to the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT):

    For more information visit NT Fisheries.

  • How do I stay safe on the water?
    • Don’t be lured into a false sense of security on the water – Be CrocWise.
    • Keep away from the water’s edge and do not reach into the water to bring up a fish, use a landing net instead.
    • For more Croc Bytes download the Be CrocWise fact sheet.
  • Where can I stay and what else can I do while I’m visiting the Northern Territory?

    Please visit the “Where to Stay, Play, Fish” section on the Million Dollar Fish website.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    Please visit the contact page to contact a Million Dollar Fish representative.

    All entrants must ensure they adhere to legal fishing practises and local signage. For further information on fishing in the Northern Territory please visit:

    Amateur Fisherman’s Association of the Northern Territory:

    Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries: